Jumat, 19. Juli 2019, Plaza Indonesia, Outbox Marketplace ministry - July Event

dari 19. Juli 2019 - 18:00 sampai 21:00

Plaza Indonesia

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(Please note that this is aFree Event and a Christian community based event or part of Church event)
Hi Everyone,
Come and join us for this month event.
We are grateful to re-engage Mr Konstantinus Liem for this July event. Mr Konstantinus will be sharing his thought and experiences on the topic of : "Adapting with disruption era".
In this era of new ways of doing things. New competition will come in many forms to offer better products, price and better delivery. Many businesses and industries often confuse between adapting with the new environment and maintaining its core business values.
Let's learn together from The Bible and the corporate perspective about this topic.
Mr Konstantinus is an Indonesian citizen, 57 years. Earned his Master’s degree in Management from Pelita Harapan University, Jakarta and Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Pattimura University, Ambon.
He was appointed as Director pursuant to Annual GMS on February 20, 2009. Previously, he served as Business Director at Bank Hana (2009-2014), Commercial Banking Head at Hana Bank (2008-2009) and Regional Manager at Bank Mega (2006-2008). He started his banking career when joining Lippo Bank and served in several key positions, including Marketing Coordinator Vice President (2004- 2006) and Regional Office Head (2000-2003).

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