Selasa, 27. Agustus 2019, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta, Building Your Digital Foundation with Agile Integration

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The Indonesia Government has made huge progress in digital transformation, but the full potential of technology remains mostly untapped. They need to go beyond digitising processes and services. With increasing demands and higher expectations from citizens, it is time for the Indonesian government to re-think the way government delivers services to citizens.

How do we create this seamless citizen experience?

Surprisingly, the answer does not lie in innovation. This is because innovation alone is not enough. Innovation needs integration, which refers to the connection of data, applications and devices across your organisation. Integration is key as it makes everything in technology work together and gives you the advantage of agility in this ever-evolving digital world. 

OpenGov is pleased to invite you to be part of a realistic scenario simulation, focusing on integrating application software and services without having to constantly build new connectivity infrastructure.

Through GAMIFICATION, you will learn the importance of integration across government agencies. Integration will enable better service delivery for citizens by connecting data, applications and devices across government agencies, and discuss the pain points in this process of integration.

We will be discussing:

Increasing interoperability between several government agencies and departments
Integrating new applications into an existing infrastructure to allow sharing of data with citizens and external users

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Integration as a means of cost-saving
Maintaining security and control while opening access to data
Building a platform for elastic scalability across decentralised services
Staying agile by developing IT infrastructure that can respond easily and timely to growing expectations of citizens

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