Kamis, 15. Agustus 2019, Indonesia, Talent Hub : Working for Overseas Company In Batam

dari 15. Agustus 2019 - 18:00 sampai 19:30
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Have you ever dreamed on having an overseas team but working near your home?

You might like this!

We will introduce you to Talent Hub, as a way to help you work at overseas companies from Batam.

This is an online session with Talent Hub talents where they will share how is it like working for overseas companies, how do they communicate with the team, and how Talent Hub has been developing themselves to be better. Here you will learn the program, workflow, how is it like working in Batam, and how to join as one of Talent Hub talents.


After registering on Eventbrite, please proceed to  get the webinar link.

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