Sabtu, 07. September 2019, UpperRoom Jakarta, Essay and Application Workshop for America's Best Universities

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Essay and Application Workshop for America's Best Universities
Saturday, September 7, 201910:00am - 01:30pmUpperRoom Jakarta - Lt. 10-12Annex Building Lt. 10-12, Kompleks Wisma NusantaraJalan M.H. Thamrin No. 59JAKARTA 10350, Indonesia

Registration Required. $100 per student (no charge for one parent)
Space is limited.3-hour interactive workshop.
Part 1 - Recognizing and Presenting your own Personal Application PitchPart 2 - Understanding Essay Topics, Developing and Organizing StorylinesPart 3 - Strategies and Samples for Drafting, Editing, and Writing StyleQ&A with parents
Event Description:
UCA’s Essay and Application Workshop is a unique opportunity to learn about the U.S. Best universities (Ivy League, Stanford, MIT) admissions process, understand the purpose and proper design of admissions essays, and work on concept, organization, drafting and editing. With this Workshop, students and parents will understand everything necessary to create an impressive essay.
The Workshop will explain the differences between the American admissions process and the methods used in Indonesia and around the world; how to develop a Personal Thesis that matches U.S. grading scales; how to structure an essay to maximize the reader’s understanding of the applicant’s strengths; and how to draft freely and edit wisely to charm admissions representatives into preferring your application over others.
Robert LeVine, CEO of University Consultants of America, will personally present the Workshop and share an actual evaluation form used by Harvard University admissions. In the accompanying Seminar, Mr. LeVine will answer questions from parents and students to dispel myths about American college admissions.

About Us:
Robert LeVine is a private educational consultant who is the former Chairman of the Harvard Schools and Scholarship Committee for the West Coast of Florida. BA from Harvard University, JD from University of Cincinnati.

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