Senin, 02. Desember 2019, Jakarta, 300HR Viniyoga Teacher Training with DR KAUSTHUB DESIKACHAR

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300HR Viniyoga Teacher Training with DR KAUSTHUB DESIKACHAR
In The Classical Traidition of T Krishnamacharya & TKV Desikachar
MODULE 1: Jakarta, Dec 2-8, 2019
Being a Yoga teacher can be a very profoundly fulfilling experience. It gives us an opportunity  to learn about  one  of the  most  ancient disciplines that  is both  astute in its philosophy,  yet very practical to implement.
Yoga is one  of the  six main  philosophies to have originated from  India, and  offers a holistic  path  to health, well-being and spiritual transformation. By understanding this integrative approach that links body, mind  and  spirit,  we can  have the  opportunity  to discover  ourselves both  at the  conscious and unconscious domains.
We can also offer ourselves the gift of self-empowerment to harness our inherent potential and express them  with freedom and  a sense of social  responsibility. Yoga being  a powerful  healing  tool can  also help alleviate  our illness, both physiological  and psychological, and offer insight into how to evolve and maintain a better state of well-being.
The process of Yoga is also  a way to embark on a pilgrimage to our heart, the source of wisdom  and light. In this journey Yoga also brings out our own uniqueness and encourages us to celebrate it. It thus offers us a means to connect with our own source of strength and creativity.
In short, Yoga serves as a means to :

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relax and refresh after daily activities
enhance quality of life and improvement of relationships
increase attention and focus in children and adults
improve in personal and professional productivity
reduce stress and stress-related problems
stabilize mental and emotional challenges – depression, anxiety, etc.
help in the recovery from illness – post surgery, injuries etc.
maintain vitality from youth through old age
alleviate a wide range of physical ailments – back pain, arthritis, etc.
support women through many life changes, including PMS, pregnancy, and menopause
address the special needs of the differently-abled
aid us to embark on a process of spiritual and personal transformation

By going through such an intimate journey of healing,  self-empowerment and self-awareness, we can learn to respect ourselves and therefore others. Consequently, through becoming a teacher of Yoga, we can facilitate  others in their own journey.
Despite  honoring  our  differences, Yoga also  teaches a very profound  lesson in being  connected to ourselves, others and the wonderful  eco-system that we inhabit. Thus it teaches us not only to become unique  jewels,  but also  to link with each  other  and form a precious garland, united  by the  universal spirit.
Professor T Krishnamacharya was  a pioneer  in the  revival of the  ancient teachings of Yoga and  in preserving their relevance for the modern world. He strongly advocated an intelligent approach to Yoga, whereby  Yoga’s tools and techniques are  adapted to respect the needs, abilities  and requirements of each  individual. The popularity  and  appeal of his students, including  Indra  Devi, Pattabhi Jois,  BKS Iyengar and particularly TKV Desikachar, stand in testimony to the significance of his life’s work and teachings and to his position as one of the most  influential  Yoga masters of the modern era.
Professor T Krishnamacharya commissioned his son and principal  student, TKV Desikachar, to carry this  tradition  into the  21st  century.  TKV Desikachar, a master of Yoga and  Yoga therapy  in his own right, has been instrumental in building bridges between Yoga and other  healing  modalities, inspiring thousands of Yoga  practitioners worldwide.  His professional approach has  been  one  of the  main reasons that Yoga, particularly Yoga Therapy, has been embraced so openly by modern day academia. This tradition  is now globally known as the Viniyoga® tradition.
The following practices and  principles are  unique  to Yoga as  taught in the  Viniyoga® tradition  of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar:

The entire range of Yoga’s tools is utilized in a practical, experiential and holistic  manner.
In individual settings, personalized Yoga programs are evolved for therapy  or general needs.
Group classes are taught with a specific focus that provide individual attention and care.
Yoga Therapy utilizes an integrative approach that is complementary to other healing  modalities.
The teachings are based on tradition, yet adapting itself to the modern contemporary times  that we are living in.
The teachers/therapists  are   constantly  growing  and  learning  through  mentoring, personal practice and continuing education  programs.

Some  of the  tools  used  in this  tradition  include  (but  are  not  limited  to) postures (äsana),  breath regulation (präëäyäma),  meditation (dhyänam), dietary  recommendations (ähära-niyama),  lifestyle suggestions (vihära-niyama),  chanting (mantra), visualizations / affirmations (bhävanä), gestures (nyäsa & mudrä), and guided self-inquiry (svädhyäya).
The classical tradition  of Yoga, as taught by Yogacarya Sri T Krishnamacharya, is represented through
the  Krishnamacharya  Healing  & Yoga  Foundation  (KHYF).  KHYF is  founded  by TKV  Desikachar and  Dr. Kausthub Desikachar and  is the  organization that  officially represents the  living tradition of Professor T Krishnamacharya and  TKV Desikachar, thus  giving continuity  to this  wonderful  and precious lineage.
The KHYF is an  accredited and  charter member of Council for Yoga Accreditation  International (CYAI) and strives to maintain CYAI standards for all of the relevent certification levels.  The KHYF is also a life member of the Indian Yoga Association,  the premier governing  body of Yoga in India.
For more  information on the KHYF and its founders, please visit our website  .
The KHYF is very happy to announce the next batch of Yoga Teacher Training, which will begin in 2019.
This comprehensive training  program will:

offer in-depth  training  in Yoga,  for personal practice and  general health and  will serve  as  an introduction to healing  as well.
present the core principles of the holistic Yoga tradition of T Krishnamacharya & TKV Desikachar
help students understand and learn how to teach Yoga to groups as well as individuals (one-to- one approach) for maintaining general health, wellbeing and spirtual orientation.

This training  program will essentially interest those who would like to become Yoga teachers and who want to teach group classes and private classes for needs and goals pertaining to general health and wellness. Graduates of this training  program will be certified  to teach Yoga in a non-therapeutic setting.
This exhaustive certification program offers in-depth training  in various subjects and aspects relating to Yoga so  that  graduates have  a  practical and  philosophical understanding  of its principles and teachings. Emphasis is laid on the classical text Yogasutra-s of Patanjali, which forms an integral part towards self  development and  personal transformation. The course of study will include  lectures, practice sessions, home  study, written  and oral presentations, evaluations, assignments & projects, individual home  practice and teaching observation. The medium of instruction will be English.
The syllabi of the  teaching course was  set  under  the  supervision of TKV Desikachar & has  been reviewed  and  updated by the  team   of educational advisers to  Krishnamacharya Healing  & Yoga Foundation. The course will be conducted by KHYF faculty and experts in various  fields who will be invited as guest faculty.
The training  program will be spread over a two year period (2019 – 2021). There will be 4 modules, each being for a duration of one week.
The training  program will begin in December, 2019. The proposed schedule for the four modules is:

Module 1Dec 2-8, 2019, Module 2June 15-21, 2010, Module 3Jan 25-31, 2021, Module 4Juni 14-20, 2021
It is requested that participants arrive a day or two early for each  module, leave a day or two after the last day of the module. This is not only to facilitate  an unrushed experience, but also to give ample  time to schedule any private lessons with trainer and local mentor. Dates  for 2021 will be confirmed by the beginning  of second module.
Each training  batch will have around 35 students. In the event that we receive less than 15 confirmed
registrations, the training  may be postponed to a later  date.
Consistent with the principle  of Yogacarya T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar, the following pre-
requisites apply to begin this comprehensive course :

It Is open to anyone who seriously wishes to become a teacher of Yoga.
Participant must have practiced Yoga for at least a duration of 6 months, although a year’s practice is recommended.
Participant is mentally and emotionally stable and  is willing to embark on a journey  of personal transformation involving self-reflection and self-empowerment.
Participant is an ***** of at least 18 years of age.

The main  faculty  for the  program will be Dr. Kausthub Desikachar,    and or other  senior  teachers in the tradition  of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar. They will also be ably assisted by other  visiting faculty who are  affiliated to the teaching team  of Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation.
All faculty of KHYF adhere to the KHYF Code of Ethics. All graduating students will also be required to follow the same. To read  and understand our codcode of ethics, kindly visit – 

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