Kamis, 21. November 2019, TADA Academy, Certified Customer Retention Program

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TADA Academy

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Did you know that  acquiring new customers costs 5x more than retaining your existing customers? And if you retain only 5% of your customers, you'll gain 25%-95% increase in profit.
Start doubling your profit per customer, cause we’re opening a Certified Customer Retention Program in 21st November 2019! By joining this training, you will be able to increase customer retention, foster long-term relationships and organically grow your brand. 
Become a Certified Customer Retention Expert!
In this training you will learn about:

Customer retention & engagement tactics

Keep your customers coming back and spending more with your brand

Preventing customers switch to other brand

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Calculate ROI of retention programs

Who is it for?

Professionals looking to improve their customer retention rates

Professionals with an interest in driving customer-centricity in their organization

Professionals looking to upgrade their loyalty program with retention programs, to increase revenue streams with high ROI 

Junior to middle management level with customer service, leadership or management background experience who wish for career progression into senior management level within a customer-centric organization

Topics covered

Chapter 1 - History of Customer Engagement Methodology

Chapter 2 - The Essentials of Customer Retention & Engagement Methodology

Chapter 3 - Rise of Subscription Economy: How It Changes the Way of Customer Retention & Engagement Strategy

Chapter 4 - Building the Right Customer Retention & Engagement Strategy for Your Brand

Chapter 5 - Program Measurement Methodology & Improvement Strategy

Chapter 6 - Identifying ROI for Your Customer Retention Program

Chapter 7 - Identifying and Preventing Unnecessary Risk for Your Program

Find more about customer insight via this article.
This is a paid event, to register yourself please click this link.

About TADA
TADA is a data-driven Customer Retention Platform (CRP), which is built upon the fact that businesses should be actively investing on customer retention rather than just focusing on acquiring customers. TADA empowers businesses to double their profit per customer through smart assessment and consultation of your business and provisioning of the best solution such as Digital Membership, Subscription, Referral & Digital rewards..
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