Sabtu, 26. Oktober 2019, Jl. Bukit Hijau VII No.22, Introduction to Batik -Practice and Meditation Workshop

dari 26. Oktober 2019 - 10:00 sampai 15:00

Jl. Bukit Hijau VII No.22

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Lucy's Batik presents, our biweekly workshop. Experience the complete process of making batik from start to finish, with Javanese hollistic rituals through every proccess 1. Drawing the Imaginitive, 2. Meditating Tjanting, 3. Dyeing with Nature 4. Let Go.
Make your own personalized Batik, with symbols and motives inspired by Indonesian heritage. Javanese traditional methodologies and theories of craft will be thought and applied, for your own contemporary usages and meditative practice.
Through this workshop you receive:+ History of Batik Craft and Tradition+ Motif pattern making techniques and creativity+ Hollistic experience through meditative rituals+ Natural Dying Basics+ Essential Batik Kit + Your own Batik Textile
By taking this event you can join our open studios for just Rp 190,000 for drop in to practice batik for more than 2 hours. The Introduction to workshop will cost Rp 575,000 biweekly. For the opening our sale price starts at Rp 475,000!
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Introduction to Batik -Practice and Meditation Workshop, Jl. Bukit Hijau VII No.22 peristiwa

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