Kamis, 31. Oktober 2019, South Jakarta, From MBA to Starting a Business with Gita Sjahrir, Co-Founder of RIDE

dari 31. Oktober 2019 - 19:00 sampai 20:30

South Jakarta

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Are you choosing between building your own startup or doing an MBA? How about doing both? Get some insights into building your startup after an MBA with Gita Sjahrir, Co-Founder of RIDE Jakarta, the first boutique indoor cycling in Indonesia. 
Prior to building RIDE Jakarta, Gita worked in the corporate world for years and specialized in business development & general management in Singapore, Indonesia, the Middle East, and the United States. Whilst attending The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania for her MBA, she fell in love with the world of entrepreneurship. Now, Gita runs RIDE Jakarta full time and stays committed to her active lifestyle.
Event Agenda
18.30 - 19.00  Registration
19.00 - 19.15  Opening from MBA Mentor
19.15 - 20.00  Sharing Session by Gita Sjahrir
20.00 - 20.30  Q&A Session
RSVP now. Limited spots are available.

From MBA to Starting a Business with Gita Sjahrir, Co-Founder of RIDE, South Jakarta peristiwa

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