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Between Stripes and Scratches Biennale Jogja XV Fringe EventArham Rahman, Do It Atelier (Tomy Lau & Jai Yip), Jens Cheung, Law Yuk Mui, Natalie Lo Lailai, Timoteus A. Kusno, Wilson Yeung, Yoshi Fajar Kresno MurtiExhibition Period25.10.2019 - 24.11.2019 7-11pm Tue-Sat At Galeri Lorong, Yogyakarta The term “Four Asian Tigers” was given to the ‘miracle economies’ of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan from 1950 to 1990. This symbol faded away during the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s but was revived indirectly in the early 21st century when five nations in Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines came to be known as the "Tiger Cub Economies". Between Stripes and Scratches is interested in this nostalgic revival and the making of the historical. The project brings together grand narratives and individual references under the ambiguity of symbols. For the Biennale Jogja XV, events about farmland, migration, urban planning, colonial history, and sustainability are becoming entangled. Natalie Lo Lailai adopts the 'Half Farmer–Half X' practice to document social movements among Hong Kong farmlands. Lo's video work reveals the changes in economic development and their complex responses. Law Yukmui traces student migrants from the seascape of the Victoria Harbour, South China Sea, the Java Sea, Malacca Strait and the Pacific Ocean. Law archives oral history from those who have intertwining attachments with their homeland. Do It Atelier proposes sustainable rural development through infusing traditional practice of Lai Chi Wo, Hong Kong. The Bauhaus-trained architect team presents their visions of centring hands-on technology in the core of modern alteration. Timoteus A. Kusno engages with the tiger fable in the colonial and indigenous culture of the Indonesian archipelago. Following the “research” of the fictional Dutch East Indies territory known as the Tanah Rucuk, Kusno’s practice merges fact and fiction through producing archive materials. Yoshi Fajar Kresno Murti has been developing Ugahari (literally means ‘moderate’), which is an architectural practice that has social-environmental, relational, resource-based, and process-oriented nature since 2008. Employing anarchy as the perspective, Ugahari architecture aims to take over the space production authority back to those who live in that particular Lo Lailai Yukmui It Atelier A. Kusno Fajar Kresno Murti Lorong you Arham Rahman (Curator in house, Galeri Lorong) for the invitation, and all brave contributors. This collaboration is led by Jens Cheung (curator) and Wilson Yeung (producer and co-curator). Special thanks to Tomy Lau, Jai Yip, Abhijan Gupta, Gavan Butler, John Batten, Qu Chang, Raymond Briffa, Stella Katherine Tan and all beloved supporters. This project is supported by Galeri Lorong and the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region___________________________________爪牙皮毛日惹雙年展 XV 局部展覽雅翰·然門, Do It Atelier(劉永業及葉淑欣), 張樂泓, 羅玉梅, 勞麗麗, 添姆蒂斯·庫斯諾, 楊俊偉, 約斯·法加·客斯洛·穆迪展覽25.10.2019 - 24.11.2019 星期二至六 下午7-11 印尼日惹 朗融畫廊於1950年至1990年間,香港、新加坡、南韓和台灣因其突出的“奇蹟經濟體”,而被賦予“亞洲四小虎”的稱號。亞洲在90年代經歷金融危機後,該象徵逐漸消失與淡忘。但推臨二十一世紀之初,隨東南亞的五個國家(包括印度尼西亞,泰國,馬來西亞,越南和菲律賓)被稱作“東南亞五小虎”,使此象徵被間接的恢復。在含混不清的符號下,爪牙皮毛對這種過去式的喚召與编造很感興趣,志在把宏大的敘事和個人敘事結合。農田,移民,城市規劃,殖民歷史和永續性的事件將糾纏於是次日惹雙年展。勞麗麗採用“半農半X”的實踐來記錄圍繞香港農田的社會運動,勞的錄像作品揭示了經濟發展的變化及其複雜的回應。羅玉梅從維多利亞港,南中國海,爪哇海,馬六甲海峽和太平洋的地理中追溯中國學生的移動蹤跡。羅收集的口述歷史存有對國家的各種連繫。 受訓於包浩斯的建築師團隊 Do It Atelier 提出以融合傳統來回應可持續的農村發展,包括重置荔枝窩的應手技術來為香港現代發展定位。 添姆蒂斯·庫斯諾(Timoteus A. Kusno)常處理留存在印尼群島的殖民和土著文化中的老虎寓言。基於虛構的荷蘭東印度領土“丹那魯庫克”(Tanah Rucuk)的偽研究,庫斯諾製作檔案資料將事實與小說結合起來。 自2008年以來,約斯·法加·客斯洛·穆迪(Yoshi Fajar Kresno Murti)一直在實踐Ugahari(字面意思為“中等”),這是一種具有社會環境、關係式、紮根資源和過程導向性質的建築實踐。Ugahari建築以無政府狀態的視角,旨在把空間所產生的權力回歸大眾生活。勞麗麗https:// It Atelier

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