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Hi Learners! Whether you are in the pursuit of academic or career success, passion is always the key. But many people are still struggling in finding what their passion really is. So what is the best way to discover your real passion?
John Keats once said, “Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.” Yes, the best way to discover your passion is through experience. Therefore, in Vooya, we have accommodated a comprehensive program called Experiential Study Tour – a journey to help you experience a variety of professions across disciplines in one of the world’s most inspiring city, Tokyo.

Stephanie Wijanarko, (Vooya Coach & Experiential Learning Expert)

Class Size:

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1 (Last 1 Seat)

Minimum Age:
12 +



Know Your Passion before Going to Tokyo!
Before you embark on your Experiential Study Tour to Tokyo, we need to give you some insight first about your passion through Passion-Perseverance Assessment.
This assessment consists of two sessions:

Strong Interest Inventory (SII): to help you measure your interests to find out your most suitable majors and professions.
Adversity Test: to help you understand your way in dealing with hard times or obstacles while pursuing your passion.

Now It’s Time to Embark on the Experiential Study Tour!
After knowing your interests and your adversity level, it’s time to truly try them out in real life in the Experiential Study Tour – giving you a better understanding of how you will work on particular subjects in the future.
Here are the things you will do in Tokyo during your journey:

Anime Character Bento Cooking
Landmark Smartphone Photography
Taiko Workshop
Nissan Motor Factory Visit
Aerospace Vessel Design
Zen Tea Ceremony & Yukata Wearing Lesson
Samurai Training
Stock Simulation at Tokyo Stock Exchange
News Presenting / Dubbing Experience at NHK
Manga Drawing Workshop

To know more about the exciting experiences, you can watch the videos below: 

This is what makes our study tour unique and different:

Passion exploration:  Vooya believe that traveling across the globe is a self-transformation journey. It broadens your perspectives and increase your confidence.
Experiential learning: During the journey, you will try several professions to identify your truest passion, things that might be your future careers. On the first day, you would be a lawyer in the morning and a journalist in the afternoon. The next day, you will be trying other professions in a series of multidisciplinary workshops until the rest of the trip.
Without borders: You will not only have the freedom to undergo a topic actively and directly, but also enjoy multiple learning tools, methods, subjects, and spaces that are all beyond the boundaries and out of the ordinary.

Important Note:  Signing up for this workshop will give you a complete understanding about Vooya’s Experiential Study Tour along with an interactive assessment to know your passions.


Stephanie Wijanarko, (Vooya Coach & Experiential Learning Expert)
Stephanie is the Co-Founder and Program Director of Vooya – Passion without Borders. Stephanie has many international exposures from studying in Seattle, University of Southern California in Los Angeles to HEC Paris. She is deeply interested and committed to improving education through experiential learning. 

As the Program Director, she is responsible to create multi-disciplinary (STEM, Social Science, Visual and Performing Arts, and Physical and Personal Education) experiential learning for study tours as well as passion exploration from coaching services.


Consultation about Vooya’s Experiential Study Tour
Preparation for Vooya’s Experiential Study Tour: Passion Perseverance Assessment


You don't need to bring anything.


Q: Why do I need to take this preparation course?A: It will give you more insight on Vooya’s Experiential Study Tour before you decide to go for the trip. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to assess yourself to know your interests in Passion-Perseverance Assessment.
Q: Does signing up for this workshop mean signing up for Vooya’s Experiential Study Tour?A: No, it does not. But you can directly sign up for the trip after the workshop.

Q: Do I get any discount for Experiential Study Tour to Tokyo if I join this workshop?A: Yes. You will get Rp 1,000,000 discount for Experiential Study Tour to Tokyo.
Q: How long the workshop duration is?A: The duration for both Experiential Study Tour preparation workshop and Passion-Perseverance Assessment is around 2 hours.
Q: Can I get my refund back if I am not able to make it last minute?A: No.
Q: Can I get my friend to take over if I am not able to make it last minute?A: Yes. However, please kindly inform us for us to make any necessary arrangement.

All payments are non-refundable and are not transferrable to other workshops but you are allowed to transfer your ticket to other person. Please kindly inform us so that we can make any necessary arrangement.
In the event if the class is cancelled due to some unexpected events by the educator, we will refund your payment fully.
In the event if the class information such as the price/time/location/learning description is amended by the educator/facilitator, you can have the option to ask for refund.


Problem with registration? We can help you! Please contact us atWhatsapp/SMS: +62 818 520 900Email: hello@ you guys at the workshop!

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